Master in Development Studies

Master in Development Studies

2 years

Program Goal: Sustainable development in line with Buddhist concepts of Sheela sampanna sangha and shared prosperity with maitri (amity), karuna (compassion), and mudita (joy)

 Program Objective: Equip learners with the knowledge, skill, and attitude for independently conceptualizing, planning, implementing, and evaluating sustainable development programs/projects based on Buddhist philosophy and applied sciences through innovative ideas for bringing positive changes in the people’s livelihood.

It has learner-centered modalities offering modular approaches, independent studies, experiential learning, practical applications, research, and others

Conceptual clarity by empowering learners in online/physical sessions facilitated by experienced faculties using Buddhist pedagogy such as open-air sessions

Practical/Applications giving exposures to learners for real-life applications of theories/concepts

Experiential learning opportunities for individual efforts under faculty’s supervision, as follows:

  • Monastic Experience (acquainted with Buddhist lifestyle)
  • Field Experience (exposure to projects/programs)
  • Outreach Program (serving the community)

Research knowledge, skill, and attitude by testing ideas/tools in diverse fields for assignments, term papers, and thesis


The minimum qualifications of learners for admissions will be as follows:

  • CGPA 2.5 or 50% aggregate in the four-year undergraduate programs of any stream
  • CGPA 2.5 or 50% aggregate in the three-year undergraduate programs of any stream, and 2 years of work experience in the relevant fields

Admission Criteria

First Semester

DEVS 510 Basics of Economics Understanding
DEVS 511 Monastic Experience Problem-solving
DEVS 512 Buddhist Perspectives of Development Understanding
DEVS 513 Development Theories and Contemporary Issues Understanding
DEVS 514 Poverty and Inequality Analysis
DEVS 515 Research Methodology Analysis 

Second Semester

DEVS 551 Development Field Experience Problem-solving
DEVS 552 Development Communication Application
DEVS 553 Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Analysis
DEVS 554 Conflict Management Analysis
DEVS 555 Development Project Management Application

Third Semester

DEVS 611 Outreach Program Problem-solving
DEVS 612 Governance and Role of the State Analysis
DEVS 613 Globalization, Value Chains, and Trade Analysis
DEVS 614 Entrepreneurship Development Innovation
DEVS 615 Development Planning Application

Fourth Semester

DEVS 651 International Cooperation Analysis
DEVS 652 Thesis Innovation