Master in Pali Buddhist Studies

Master in Pali Buddhist Studies

2 years

The study of Buddhism can be approached with the aim and objective of providing a philosophical alternative in the search for the meaning of life and opting for a more humane mode of living. However, in a University academic context, this could be done from a non-dogmatic and critical standpoint that promotes tolerance of other points of view and dialogue with other alternative philosophies of life inculcating a value orientation in the learner that could eventually contribute to peaceful and harmonious living.

Duration of the Program:

The course based on the semester system extends over a period of two years. There will be two semesters in a year. In total, the Master’s Degree program consists of 4 semesters of classwork and research work.

Medium of Instruction

The language of instruction, supervision and evaluation in the Master of Arts programs will be English as well as Nepali. Students are required to make presentations, submit assignments and sit for examinations as per the evaluation criteria specified in the course syllabus.

Teaching Methods:

The teaching methods consist of lectures, discussion sessions, oral and written presentations, audio-visual aids, term papers, seminar papers, book reviews and field visits. Each professor will follow a method of teaching and provide appropriate material at hand.

Class Attendance:

Generally, students are required to have a minimum of 70 percent attendance to appear in the End Term Examination of the University. Students who fail in the internal examination shall be disqualified to appear in the End Term Examination conducted by the University. For field work, report writing, and internships, students must visit the specific field as required for evaluation. 


Students from any discipline having passed Bachelor Degree or its equivalent from any recognized universities are eligible to apply for admission in Master’s degree program. Eligible candidates may apply to LBU by filling out an application form available at the Central Campus in Lumbini or affiliated Campus or an appropriate application form available online. Admission to the program will take place in a yearly basis. To be eligible for the program, the candidate needs to appear for a written entrance examination followed by an interview. The maximum number of candidates for the Master’s degree program in Buddhism yearly is set to 40 students per class.

Admission Procedures

Students shall be selected for admission on the basis of merit, as decided by performance in the written entrance test and oral interview.

Entrance Examination

Students should face a written examination of one hour for admission. The entrance examination carries 100 marks for objective-type questions.