Master in Development Studies

Master in Development Studies

2 years
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  • Fee:NPR 400,000

The Master's in Development Studies (MDEVS) program at Kathmandu University aims to meet the growing complexity of development discourses and activities.

  • Students will have further developed their skills after completing their Master's degree in DEVS.
  • Knowledge, skills, and understanding of current high-priority national and global development issues, as well as the underlying debate,
  • Basic technical skills for conducting effective research and analysis in various areas of development,
  • Capability to communicate and debate development issues with professionals and academics
  • Foundations for future research in related fields.

Salient Features


The curriculum of the DEVS program aims at imparting both theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to various issues. The major methods used will comprise classroom lectures, case study analyses, field surveys, seminars, community internships, results discussions, and presentations. The program emphasizes students’ active participation and involvement in the learning process wherein the instructors (faculty members) would mainly be playing the role of facilitator.

Grading System

Grades for students shall be reported by the following letters: A, A-, B, B+, B-, C+, C, C-, D, or F. The faculty member (instructor) will determine and execute the specific grading method, including the allocation of suitable weights to the methods. The instructor will explain the overall evaluation system to the students at the beginning of the course.




Completion of minimum of 4-year Bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree, with a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 out of 4.0, or an equivalent, or 50 per cent marks in general will be the criteria followed to evaluate the applicants. In addition, securing an acceptable level of ranking in the entrance test administered to measure required competencies including language proficiency and analytical ability will be essential. Only the candidates who pass the written exam will be selected for the interview, on the basis of which final selection will be made.

Job Prospects

The Master in Development Studies program trains students in the understanding of current development issues and exposes them to a comprehensive range of tools and methods for the analysis of real-world development issues.Graduates can follow careers as development specialists and analysts in a wide variety of development agencies, both in the government and elsewhere.

Curricular Structure

Semester-wise Course Offering

DEVS Subject and Code Number

Credit hour

DEVS 501 Development Concepts and Practices 3
DEVS 502: Human Development Paradigms 3
DEVS 503: Gender, Inclusion, and Ethnicity 3
DEVS 504: Population and Development 3
DEVS 509 Economic Analysis 3
DEVS 511: Introduction to Education for Development 3
DEVS 512: Statistics 3
DEVS 513: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation 3
DEVS 514: Research Methodology 3
DEVS 515: Macro Economics 3
DEVS 516: Micro Economics 3
DEVS 517: Development Finance 3
DEVS 519: Development Communication 3
DEVS 521: Public Policy 3
DEVS 522: Micro Development Dynamics 3
DEVS 523: Globalization and WTO 3
DEVS 524: Entrepreneurship and Development 3
DEVS 525: Evaluation Methods 3
DEVS 527: Globalization and Livelihood Options of People Living in Poverty 3
DEVS 531: Nepal’s Development Plans and Policies 3
DEVS 532: Nepal’s Economic Diplomacy with China and India 3
DEVS 533: Environment, Health, and Development 3
DEVS 535: Climate Change and Development 3
DEVS 536: Ecosystem Analysis 3
DEVS 539: Management of Development-Induced Displacement and its Impacts 3
DEVS 549: Rural Development & Alternative Energy 3
DEVS 550: State Politics & Development


DEVS 621: Sustainable Urban Development 3
DEVS 622: Social Protection for Development 3
DEVS 623 Localization of Sustainable Development Goals 3
Deliberative Governance Practices 3
Option A:
DEVS 540: Dissertation 9
Option B:
DEVS 541: Community Internship


DEVS 534: Independent Study