The goal of MD in Pathology programme is to produce specialists in pathology.

Course Objective

  1. The programme aims at producing competent specialists (pathologist) in histopathology, cytopathology and haematopathology, capable of correlating the aetiopathology of the disease with the clinical presentation and interpret the results of investigations.
  2. Produce the pathologist who are also expected to take independent decisions and run a whole time clinical laboratory dignositc services as well as supervise the subordinates.
  3. Produce specialists who are capable of undertaking teaching-learning activities of MBBS students in pathology and research in the related field.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. MBBS or equivalent from recognized university with one year compulsory internship.
  2. Full registration with Nepal Medical Council.
  3. Minimum one year service in approved health institution.

Selection for Admission

  1. Passing of PG entrance examination conducted by IOM.
  2. Admission of candidates will be done strictly on merit basis according to the availability of seats.

Prospect Careers