MBA (Global Business)

MBA (Global Business)

2 years
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MBA (Global Business) Program is an intensive two-year course of Pokhara University, stretched over six terms of full time study, with every year comprising three terms (trimesters).

The MBA (Global Business) Program, unlike traditional/general MBA programs that deal more with decision-making tools and functional areas, provides more exposure to global trends and management practices. The MBA (Global Business) Program thus provides candidates a wider exposure to global business environment and practices and is not in itself a specialized course on global business.

Like a regular MBA, a student has to specialize either in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, et cetera as per his/her choice in the MBA (Global Business) Program.

The MBA (Global Business) Program is designed with the objective of preparing managers who are well-conversant not only with the latest managerial concepts, tools and techniques, but also with the global and regional trends in businesses so that they can take up the challenges of leading and managing their organizations by building a distinct competitive edge in the global and regional context.

Salient Features

The principal objective of MBA (Global Business) is to prepare managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs with solid foundation of latest management principles, tools and techniques for pursuing their careers in the constantly changing global and regional environment. 


Anyone having a bachelor degree or equivalent with 15 years of formal education (12 years of schooling and three years of graduation) in any discipline with minimum 45 percent of the aggregate marks or 2.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average in undergraduate level can apply for admission to MBA (Global Business).  Admission to the program is based on academic promise of applicants as indicated by their academic records, statement of objectives, recommendations, scores on entrance test and performance in the personal interview and group discussions.

Curricular Structure

The Master in Business Administration (Global Business) program is an intensive two year course stretched over six terms of full time study, with every academic year having three terms (trimester). The duration of each trimester will be 12 weeks excluding examinations.

During the sixth term student take up project work in different organization to gain insights of real business world. It consists of a total of 69 credit hours comprising foundation and analytical courses, core and functional area courses, integrative courses with global business focus, specialization and elective course and project work. 

Curricular Structure:

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