MBA Finance

MBA Finance

2 years
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MBA (Finance) of Pokhara University is an exclusively focused course in finance studies. It concentrates on Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Banking, Insurance and Microfinance.  This Academic program is termed as very competent and unique in the global management studies program. its uniqueness, among others, in relation to building human capital, is categorically crafted that ensures the much needed highly skilled human resources in Nepalese and global job market.

Duration of the Course

MBA (Finance) program is an intensive two- years course stretched over six terms of full-time study, with every academic year having three terms (trimesters).

Degree Awarded: MBA (Finance) by Pokhara University

Total Credit Hours:  69


Salient Features

The principal objective of MBA (Finance) program is develop expertise of students of Masters of Business Administration with focus on the specialized are of finance including; the corporate finance, investments, banking, insurance and microfinance.

Besides, the graduates of MBA (Finance) program will be able to serve as finance officers in different banks and financial institutions, business firms, non-government organizations and government projects. 


Anyone with minimum three years Bachelor's degree in any discipline with atleast 45% in aggregate or CGPA 2.0. 

Curricular Structure

The Master in Business Administration (Finance) program is an intensive two-year course stretched over six terms of full-time study, with every academic year having three terms (trimester). The duration of each trimester will be 12 weeks excluding examinations.

It consists of a total of 69 credit hours comprising foundation courses, management core courses, finance core courses, and specialization concentration and elective courses. The program also includes thematic graduate seminars and practicum courses. Students must undertake Internship project during the fifth trimester and Graduate Research Project (GRP) during the sixth trimester. 

Curricular Structure: 

First Trimester
Course Code Course Title Credit
STT 501 Business Statistics 3
ECO 511 Economic Analysis for Business 3
IMS 521 Management Information System 3
ACC 515 Financial Reporting and Analysis 3
Total   12
Second Trimester
Course Code Course Title Credit
ACC 516 Managerial Accounting 2
COM 505 Managerial Communication 2
STT 502 Data Analysis for Decision Modeling 2
FIN 531 Finanacial Management 2
MKT 561 Marketing Management 2
MGT 542 OB and Leadership 2
COM 506 Communication Skill Practicum 1
Total   13
Third Trimester
Course Code Course Title Credit
ECO 512 Macroeconomics and the Global Economy 2
FIN 541 Corporate Finance 2
MGT 543 Human Resource Management 2
FIN 561 Investment Management 2
RES 611 Business Research Methodology 2
MGT 631 Graduate Seminar: Corporate Governance 1
------ Concentration I 2
Total   13
Fourth Trimester
Course Code Course Title Credit
FIN 551 Financial Markets and Institutions 2
FIN 571 International Financial Management 2
MGT 546 Operations and Service Management 2
MGT 548 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2
----- Concentration II 2
----- Elective I 2
Total   12
Fifth Trimester
Course Code Course Title Credit
MGT 548 Internship 3
----- Concentration III 2
----- Concentration IV 2
----- Elective II 2
Total   9
Sixth Trimester
Course Code Course Title Credit
MGT 549 Business Environment Analysis 3
MGT 550 Strategic Management 3
RES 612 Graduate Research Project 3
----- Seminar in Concentration Area 1
Total   10