Master of Pharmacy

Master of Pharmacy

2 years

Entrance Exams

Pharmaceutical Sciences is a scholarly field that covers the advancement of pharmaceuticals and their applications. The mission of this University with this course is to accomplish the highest standard in academic research and also prepare and teach the future pioneers in this field who will help the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences and fundamental life sciences, pioneers who can serve in medical organizations, and drug specialists who can assume an active part in the region of highly advanced medical care.

Salient Features




Candidate applying for M. Pharm program must have successfully completed B. Pharm degree with CGPA 3.0 (Out of 4) recognized by Pharmacy Council of Nepal.

Job Prospects

Some of the jobs fields are listed below:

  1. Ambulatory Care Pharmacist
  2. Consultant Pharmacy
  3. Government drug store – Armed Services
  4. Government drug store – Public Health
  5. Healing facility and Institutional Pharmacy
  6. Managed Care Pharmacy
  7. Pharmaceutical Sciences