Master of Computer Application

Master of Computer Application

2 years

Master in Computer Application (MCA) is a two-year program of Purbanchal University consisting of four semesters and 66 credit hours. This program is aimed at the graduates of Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA), B.Sc. computer science or any IT-related program or university-approved PGDCA.

Master in Computer Application program includes the plans of business and management, software development, computing and networking. The final semester of MCA involves students in series of seminars, and industry-based project. The project is offered under the scrutiny of company and academic advisor.

Master in Computer Application (MCA) degree holders are not only comfortable with IT but also with the intricacies of business practices. With applied theories and hands-on computer skills, the graduates are capable of investigating the use, implementation, and support of information systems to specific organizational domains.

Students completing an MCA will have the following competencies:

  • An understanding of the business and team communication models as they apply to software design and development. 
  • Familiarity with the software development cycle, both in application and theory.
  • Skill in developing distributed or web-based applications.
  • Field experience through participation in a software development project or directed research.


The Candidate must have passed B.Sc. Computer Science, B.Sc. CSIT, B.Sc. IT, BEIT, BICT, BCA, BIT, PGDCA, BIM, BCIS, BBIS, or Bachelor degree related to Computer Application, Information System, Information Technology, Information Science, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering or equivalent with minimum 45% marks or GPA 2.00 in aggregate.

In case of foreign certificate, students should submit an equivalent certificate and grading of each subject with CGPA or total percentage document from the concerned authority.

Job Prospects

Career Opportunities after the completion of Master in Computer Application

Master in Computer Application (MCA) gradates hold business understanding and technical knowledge to occupy managerial positions in non/ government offices, banks, and information industries. They are able to provide IT and consulting services to foremost corporations at home and abroad. As a consultant, they enjoy freedom to learn and build skills on enterprise solutions and system configuration, and expand their career-critical experiences.

Curricular Structure

Curriculam Structure: Masters of Computer Application (MCA)

LC: Lecture Credit, TC: Tutorial Credit, and PC: Practicle Credit

                                 MCA First Year First Semester Course Detail

Course Code Course Title LC TC PC Total Credit
MCA 111 Discrete Mathematical Structures 3 1 - 4
MCA 112 Web Programming 3 1 2 6
MCA 113 Operating System 3 1 2 6
MCA 114 Advanced Database Management System 3 1 2 6
MCA 115 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management 4 1 - 5

                              MCA First Year Second Semester Course Detail

Course Code Course Title LC TC PC Total Credit
MCA 121 Research Methodology 3 1 - 4
MCA 122 Visual Programming Language and .Net 3 - 3 6
MCA 123 Software Engineering 3 1 - 4
MCA 124 Accounting and Financial Management 3 1 - 4
MCA 125 Electives 3 - - 3
MCA 126 Project-I - - 4 4

                              MCA Second Year Third Semester Course Detail

Course Code Course Title LC TC PC Total Credit
MCA 211 Optimization Technique 3 1 - 4
MCA 212 Design and Analysis of Algorithm 3 1 - 4
MCA 213 Software Project Management 3 1 - 4
MCA 214 Marketing Management 3 1 - 4
MCA 215 Electives - II 3 - - 3
MCA 216 Practical - II - - 4 4

                               MCA Second Year Fourth Semester Detail

Course Code Course Title LC TC PC Total Credit
--- Dissertation - - - 15