MA in Applied Buddhism

MA in Applied Buddhism

2 years

Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Buddhism is a course run with affiliation from Lumbini Buddhist University. This course is designed to impart knowledge and development of Buddhism in general. Its’ objective is to make students be familiar with the origin of Buddhism, various phases of growth, institutions, sectarian development, and expansion in different regions in the north and the south, and also the decline of Buddhism in India. The course consists of the History of Buddhism from the time of Buddha’s period. This paper is divided into five parts and designed to provide students, the knowledge on Introductory background, Origin and Development of Buddhism, Expansion of Buddhism in Asia, Learning centers of Buddhism, and revival of Buddhism in India.

Course Objectives
The objectives of the course are:

  • To impart students with the knowledge history of Buddhism with the sources of history
  • To make them well known about the important Buddhists sites of Nepal and India at the time of Buddha.
  • To impart knowledge on how Buddhism had been developed and expanded in North and South and South East Asia.
  • To make students familiarize with the development of Buddhist learning center
  • To highlight a revival of Buddhism in India


Students from any discipline having passed Bachelor Degree Program or its equivalent from any recognized universities are eligible to apply for admission in Master’s Degree Program of LBU. Eligible candidates may apply to LBU by filling out an application form available at the Central Campus in Lumbini or affiliated Campus or an appropriate application form available online. Admission to the program will take place in a yearly basis. To be eligible for the program, the candidate will need to appear on a written entrance examination followed by an interview.

Curricular Structure

First Semester

S.N. Course Code Subject Credit Hour Internal Exam External Exam
1 MAB 511 History of Buddhism 3 40 60
2 MAB 512 Buddhism in Nepal 3 40 60
3 MAB 513 Concept and Theories of Applied Buddhism 3 40 60
4 MAB 514 Buddhist Literature I 3 40 60
5 MAB 515 Basic Buddhist Teachings and Meditation 3 40 60


Second Semester

S.N. Course Code Subject Credit Hour Internal Exam External Exam
6 MAB 521 Buddhist Philosophy 3 40 60
7 MAB 522 Buddhist Art and Architecture 3 40 60
8 MAB 523 Buddhism and Society 3 40 60
9 MAB 524 Buddhist Economics 3 40 60
10 MAB 525 Buddhist Approach to Human Rights 3 40 60


Third Semester

S.N. Course Code Subject Credit Hour Internal Exam External Exam
11 MAB 531 Research Methodology 3 40 60
12 MAB 532 Buddhist Approach to Environment 3 40 60
13 MAB 533 Buddhism and Gender Issues 3 40 60
14 MAB 534 Buddhist Approach to Health and Hygiene 3 40 60
15 MAB 535 Applied Buddhist Art 1 (theory and Practical)
OR, Buddhist Jurisprudence
3 40 60


Fourth Semester

S.N. Course Code Subject Credit Hour Internal Exam External Exam
16 MAB 541 Buddhist and Psychology (Compulsory) 3 40 60
17 MAB 542 Buddhism and Management (Elective) OR,
Applied Buddhist Art II (Elective)
3 40 60
18 MAB 543 Buddhist Approach to Good Governance (Elective) OR,
Buddhism and Conflict Resolution (Elective)
3 40 60
19 MAB 544 Chinese language and Buddhist Literature 3 40 60
20 MAB 545 Korean Language and Buddhist Literature 3 40 60
21 MAB 546 Thesis Writing 6 100 -