MA in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Sites

MA in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Sites

2 years
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Archaeology is a scientific study of material remains of man’s past and reconstruction of the history and civilization on the basis of the artifacts recovered through excavations. Archaeological exploration and excavation are the fundamental components of field archaeology. The archaeologists also authenticate the validity and chronology of the objects thus recovered and involved in the interpretation of the cultural sequence of the artifacts. They are also responsible for publicizing the findings of the antiquities in order to promote them for posterity and carry on conservation and preservation measures for safeguarding the archaeological sites and artifacts. Realizing the pressing need for the study of archaeology in the present context of the country LBU is introducing an MA in Archaeology and Buddhist

Archaeological Sites course, the first of its kind in Nepal that aims to produce professional and competent archaeologists who can undertake archaeological investigations.


The broad objective of MA in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Sites is to produce skilled human resources in the field of archaeology who can undertake an archaeological investigation. The specific objectives of the course of study are as
  1. To impart students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in archaeological exploration, excavation, exhibition, publication, conservation, and preservation.
  2. To equip students with working knowledge on Prehistory, Palaeography, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Art, Architecture, Archaeological Heritage, and Cultural Heritage with a special reference to Buddhist culture as applicable.


The students having Bachelor’s degree in any subject from any recognized university are eligible for admission in MA in Archaeology and Buddhist Archaeological Sites.