PhD in Anthropology

PhD in Anthropology

5 years

Tribhuvan University's Central Department of Anthropology, Kirtipur offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Anthropology program. The PhD students are required to complete 30 credit hours of course work in 3 semesters. Then they have to complete field research and submit a dissertation (equivalent of 30 credit hours).  Beside teaching the courses, the Central Department of Anthropology provides mentorship and additional training for the PhD candidate registered at the Dean Office. The CDA faculty members also work as research advisors for the foreign PhD students, who have research affiliations with the TU and are doing anthropological search works in Nepal.

Curricular Structure

An Overview of the syllabus of the PhD in Anthropology

1st Semester

  • AN 701 Anthropology in Theory and Practice ( 3 credits; required)
  • AN 702 Ethnography: Perspectives and Practices ( 3 credits, required)
  • AN 703: Perspectives on the State, Change and Development ( 3 credits, optional, open to PhD students from other disciplines)
  • AN 704 Readings in Contemporary South Asia. (3 credits, Optional, Open to PhD students from other disciplines)

2nd Semester

  • AN 711 Critical Studies in  Nepalese Histories and Societies ( 3 credits, optional, open to PhD students from other disciplines)
  • AN 712  Practicum on Research Design and Writing ( 3 credits, required; also Open for PhD students from other disciplines)
  • AN 713 Common Research Methodology ( 6 credits, offered by the Dean Office, Compulsory for all PhD students)

3rd Semester

  • AN 721 Literature Review: Study of the Reading Lists and Presentation ( conducted and evaluated by the CDA and its professors)
  • AN 731 Thesis Writing: 30 credit hours (after meeting all the above requirements in three semesters, and after completing the research work).