MPhil in Anthropology

MPhil in Anthropology

Master of Philosophy
1 year 6 months

The Central Department of Anthropology has been offering an MPhil program in Anthropology since 2012. To be eligible to join the MPhil program, students are required to complete Masters Degree in Anthropology or any other related disciplines under the faculty of social science and humanities. Students will undertake two semesters of course work followed by a semester of dissertation writing.


The applicants must have a master degree in Anthropology from Tribhuvan University or a University recognized by a Tribhuvan University with at least second division.

Curricular Structure

Semester I
Code No. Title of Course Full Marks Remarks
An 601 Anthropolical Theories I: Culture, Symbol and Meanings 100 Required
An 602 Research Methods in Anthropology 100 Required
An 603 Transformation of Caste 100 Optional
An 604 Anthropology and Development 100 Optional
An 605 Society, Culture and Environment 100 Optional
An 606 Political Organization and Processes 100 Optional
An 607 Economic anthropology 100 Optional (tbd)
Semester II
Code No. Title of Course Full Marks Remarks
An 621 Anthropological Theory II: Social Production and Organization 100 Required
An 622 Ethnicity, Nationalism and Indigeneism 100 Optional
An 623 Anthropology and Globalization 100 Optional
An 624 Cultural diversity and contemporary issues 100 Optional
An 625 Himalayan Cultures and Societies 100 Optional (tbd)
An 626 South Asian Ethnographies 100 Optional (tbd)
An 627 Human Rights, Multiculturalism and Democracy 100 Optional (tbd)