PhD in English

PhD in English

PhD English ·
3 years

Along with integrated MPhil/PhD programs, FWU also offers standalone PhD programs. Students who have completed their MPhil coursework can apply for the PhD program if they meet the academic requirements.


The applicants must have a master's degree (preferably in Education) from Far Western University or any university recognized by FWU with at least 3.0 CGPA  out of 4.0 or second division in aggregate. The applicants are also required to appear for the written entrance examination and an interview. 

Provisions for Students with MPhil Degree Applying for PhD

Official/attested transcripts of all previous academic works from undergraduate degree onwards;

Two letters of recommendation from faculty members and/or members of the professional community;

Statement of purpose of 500 words/one page;

Writing sample (a research paper) of 1000-1500 words;

Abstract of the MPhil thesis.

Admission Criteria


Procedural steps for PhD program

A selected number of students who already have an MPhil degree from recognized universities or have completed their MPhil coursework will be eligible to apply for the PhD program. Students already having an MPhil Degree can apply for PhD with two letters of recommendation, the abstract of their MPhil thesis, and a one-pager (one-page concept note on the subject of their choice, which has to be defended). They will be interviewed with the purpose of justifying their eligibility, ability, and readiness for the PhD studies. To qualify as a PhD candidate, they will have to start their research work and prepare for a comprehensive examination. Potential PhD students will concentrate on three of the seminal courses they completed during the MPhil coursework and appear in a four-hour open book comprehensive examination. They will be required to write a critical essay on a single issue or a question given by the department. However, the selected students might be required to audit a few courses in the regular MPhil/PhD coursework classes to update themselves academically.

The critical essay submitted for the comprehensive examination will be rated on a scale of 4:0 and those students who score a minimum of 3:3 will be allowed to pursue PhD studies provided they complete other admission requirements. Those who acquire a grade below 3.3 will either wait for another comprehensive examination. If the students who have joined the PhD program after MPhil/PhD coursework acquire a grade below 3.3 in the comprehensive examination, they will either wait for another comprehensive examination or will write an MPhil thesis instead.

Upon successful completion of the comprehensive examination with the required minimum score of 3:3 out of 4, students will acquire the (permanent) status of PhD candidates and further their work for the PhD degree. Students admitted to the PhD program will prepare a relevant reading list of a minimum of 20 current research articles published in prominent refereed journals and 10 books for their reading purpose. Research scholars will complete the reading requirements that include ‘Synthesis Paper’ or an ‘Annotated Bibliography’, a ‘Seminar Paper’ and the ‘Research Proposal’ that they will have to defend within one year. Upon successful defense, the candidates will be assigned respective supervisors and start work on their dissertation.

The PhD scholars will be allowed to submit their dissertation two years after the completion of reading-list related activities. Other provisions will be as mentioned in the Far Western University working procedures for MPhil and PhD degrees.

Information: Candidates must complete their PhD dissertation within three years after passing the comprehensive examination. Candidates who are unable to complete the dissertation within the stipulated time will have to pay additional charges for every semester as per university rules.

Curricular Structure

Grading System

Far Western University’s evaluation follows a grade point system. Students are evaluated on a scale of 4 (four). The grade point equivalence with marks, letters, and words is given below. Students acquiring a minimum grade of 3.0 points will only be entitled to the award of the degree. There will, however, be a provision of grade improvement in a maximum of two courses to meet the degree requirement. The MPhil/PhD program of Far Western University follows the following grading system:

Grade point


Letter Grade



90 - 100


Dean’s list

3.7 - 3.99

85 - 89.5



3.3 – 3.69

80 – 84.9


First Division

3.0 – 3.29

75 – 79.9


Second Division

2.7 – 2.99

70 – 74.9


Passed in individual subject

2.3 – 2.69

65 – 69.9


Passed in individual subject

2.0 – 2.29

60 – 64.9


Passes in individual subject

Below 60