BTech in Artificial Intelligence

BTech in Artificial Intelligence

BTech in AI ·
4 years

BTech in Artificial Intelligence is 4 years Bachelor's degree offered by Purbachal University that mainly focuses on providing complete knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to students.

Students can learn introductory courses in programming, computer science, mathematics, and statistics as well as crucial Al topics and techniques, including state-space search, gameplaying, Machine Learning, Neural networks, Computer vision, Language Understanding, and more advanced subjects.

BTech in Al graduates can use AI strategies and approaches to implement data-driven decision-making in firms and institutions with significant volumes of data. As a result, they may work in the various data analysis stages and create autonomous and efficient machine learning systems.

Job Prospects

  • Machine/Deep learning Expert/Analyst
  • Al professional
  • AI specialist
  • Analytics consultant
  • Technology consultant