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Lumbini Technological University

Nepalgunj, Nepalgunj, Banke

Lumbini Technological University was established by Lumbini Province Government, Nepal, under the University Act 2078.  Currently, the university offers two programs.

Offered Programs

Salient Features

Students Facilitation Center

The Student Facilitation Center serves as a central hub for comprehensive support and pathways to success for students within the technological university. Its core mission revolves around empowering students with the necessary tools, guidance, and prospects to excel academically, cultivate personal growth, and ready themselves for a dynamic career in the fast-paced realm of technology.

The center offers a diverse range of services and resources, each designed to cater to specific aspects of a student's journey:

Academic Excellence:

  • Peer Tutoring: Students can tap into the expertise of skilled tutors who provide assistance with intricate technical subjects and coursework.
  • Study Labs: Specialized labs equipped with the latest technology are available for collaborative learning and project undertakings.
  • Technical Skill Workshops: Workshops aimed at boosting coding prowess, data analysis skills, and other technical proficiencies.

Career and Industry Readiness:

  • Career Advising: Industry-experienced advisors guide students in mapping out their career trajectories and understanding prevailing tech job trends.
  • Internship and Co-op Opportunities: Students can connect with tech enterprises for hands-on experiences and networking avenues.
  • Tech Talk Series: Talks by professionals and alumni offer insights into the most recent advancements within the industry.

Personal Growth and Well-being:

  • Wellness Support: Resources for mental health, counseling services, and workshops to effectively manage stress and build resilience.
  • Tech-Life Balance Workshops: Strategies for maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between academic commitments and personal life.
  • Mind-Tech Sessions: Engaging mindfulness exercises to enhance focus and balance amidst the demands of technology studies.

Tech Innovations and Entrepreneurship:

  • Innovation Labs: Collaborative environments for pioneering projects and creative ideas within a supportive framework.
  • Entrepreneurship Incubator: Guided support and resources to transform tech-driven concepts into startups and ventures.
  • Hackathons and Challenges: Participate in tech competitions to showcase skills and ingenuity.

Student Organizations and Networking:

  • Tech Clubs and Societies: Join student-led groups specializing in robotics, AI, cybersecurity, and more.
  • Networking Events: Opportunities to connect with fellow students, alumni, and industry professionals, fostering valuable relationships.

Tech Resources and Support:

  • Tech Support Hub: Access IT assistance for software, hardware, and connectivity concerns.
  • Tech Library: Explore an array of technical literature, journals, and digital resources.

University Tech Culture:

  • Tech Showcases: Attend showcases where students present their tech projects and innovations.
  • Hack Nights: Engage in all-night coding sessions for collaborative coding projects and idea exchange.

The Student Facilitation Center at Lumbini Technological University stands ready to guide students through the distinctive challenges and prospects inherent in a technology-focused education. Students are encouraged to visit the center to meet the knowledgeable staff and leverage the resources that will empower them to thrive as tech-savvy learners. This marks the beginning of their journey toward becoming tech leaders, and the center is enthusiastic about being a part of this transformative process.

Admission Guidelines

Prospective students who meet the criteria need to complete an online application form during the admissions period and submit the appropriate fees. Subsequently, they must participate in an entrance examination and undergo an interview as part of the admissions process for their chosen program.


S. N


              Scholarship per Students Admitted

Lumbini Province Chief Minister Scholarship (Target Group) 

Merit Based Stipend


   B.Tech. in CS & AI




  B.Tech. in IT




On July 2, 2022 (Ashar 18, 2079 BS), Lumbini Technological University was founded through the legislation of the Province Legislature.

The university's primary objective is to advance higher education across various fields such as information technology, engineering, agriculture, forestry, and tourism, with a specific focus on applying and developing technology and innovation. In today's evolving world, technology is progressively reshaping industries, leading to a shift from traditional employment to technology-driven roles, necessitating skilled professionals.

LTU is dedicated to its mission of introducing comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs. These programs aim to graduate students who possess not only specialized knowledge in their respective disciplines but also the capacity to tackle real-world challenges. This is achieved by blending theoretical understanding with hands-on application and exposure visits to reputable technological institutions.

While academic programs are crucial, LTU recognizes that diverse avenues contribute to a robust learning experience. Consequently, the university places a significant emphasis on research and continual educational initiatives. It encourages both students and faculty to actively participate in rigorous research endeavors, fostering an environment of innovation and originality that benefits the entire academic community.


To place LTU at global postion in university education with domain expertise.


To be an institution of excellence in the domain of higher technical education that serves as the fountainhead for nurturing the future leaders of technology and techno-innovation responsible for the techno-economic, social, cultural and environmental prosperity of the people.