BSc Physics

BSc Physics

4 years

Far-Western University's BBA program covers a span of 4 years, with 8 semesters. This course comprises a total of 62 credit hours.

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The BSc Physics program of Far Western University is centered on understanding scientific fundamentals and it is through this basic approach that advances in scientific knowledge and technological innovations have been made. Physics is one of the most fundamental of all sciences, and is the basis of our scientific knowledge of the physical world. It seeks to explain the behavior of matter, time, and space in the universe and covers phenomena ranging from subnuclear interactions to cosmological events like the Big Bang. 

Curricular Structure

Semester-wise curriculum for Bachelor of Science Physics (BSc Physics) from Far-Western University.

Semester I

Course Title Credits
Mechanics TH 3
Mechanics PR 1
Total 4

Semester II

Course Title Credits
Thermodynamics TH 3
Thermodynamics PR 1
Total 4

Semester III

Course Title Credits
Waves and Optics TH 3
Waves and Optics PR 1
Total 4

Semester IV

Course Title Credits
Electronics TH 3
Electronics PR 1
Total 4

Semester V

Course Title Credits
Electricity and Magnetism TH 3
Electricity and Magnetism PR 1
Total 4

Semester VI

Course Title Credits
Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics TH 3
Atomic, Nuclear and Particle Physics PR 1
Relativity 3
Total 7

Semester VII

Course Title Credits
Math Physics 4
Classical Physics 4
Physics Lab 2
Astronomy 3
Material Science 3
Biophysics 3
Total 19

Semester VIII

Course Title Credits
Quantum Mechanics 4
Solid State Physics 4
Physics Lab 2
Econophysics 2
Entrepreneurship 2
Applied Physics 2
Total 16

Total Credit Hours: 62