BArch in Architecture

BArch in Architecture

5 years
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Fee (Tentative)NPR 970,000

The B.Arch program at Kathmandu University is specifically tailored to address the evolving needs of Nepalese society in terms of sustainable, eco-friendly, and livable built environments. With Nepal experiencing economic prosperity and rapid urbanization, there is a growing demand for architects and engineers who can preserve the traditional character of existing settlements while creating new ones that cater to modern amenities.

To give the program a unique identity, it focuses on mountain architecture, taking into account Nepal's predominantly mountainous terrain and rich cultural heritage influenced by Indian and Tibetan architecture. The program aims to explore and develop technologies that have been developed over centuries to create modern human settlements within the existing geographical, social, and cultural context.

The B.Arch program at Kathmandu University has a duration of five years, which includes a four-month internship. It meets the requirements set by the Nepal Engineering Council and Public Service Commission. While covering the fundamental aspects of architecture, civil engineering, and building services, the program places particular emphasis on mountain architecture. The project work is centered around green and sustainable building design, landscaping, and rural architecture, with a focus on the mountain environment.

Graduates of this program will possess the skills and knowledge to design complex buildings and structures, as well as adapt to challenging topographic site conditions. It's important to note that the B.Arch program at Kathmandu University aims to provide students with a unique choice among the various architecture courses offered in Nepal, rather than competing with other universities. 

Total Quota for BArch in Architecture for this session is 30 (out of which 27 will be merit quota and 3 will be reserved quota).

Salient Features

Fee Structure for 2022

The table below displays the total amount that each student must pay for the entire duration of their BArch in Architecture studies for the 2022 batch.

Please note that the fees listed in the table do not cover expenses such as hostel accommodation, transportation, and end-of-semester or compartment exam fees. Students will need to pay separate fees for these additional services, as determined by the management of Kathmandu University (KU).


Course Fee

Nepali Student

9,70,000 (NRs Nine Lakhs Seventy Thousands Only)

Student From SAARC Nation

1.5 Times of Normal Fee i.e., 1,455,000

Students From OTHER Nation

2 Times of Normal Fee i.e., 1,940,000


10+2 (or equivalent) examinations with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate and 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) or Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (PMCs). 

OR Minimum 2.4 GPA in aggregate and minimum C+ in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM)  or Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science (PMCs) and minimum C in other subjects. 


Students who have completed +2 in Biology stream must have taken additional mathematics course and passed it with cumulative PCM of 50% or 2.4 GPA to be eligible for the indicated programs. 

Candidates must appear in Kathmandu University Common Admission Test (KUCAT-CBT) and obtain the required threshold score in the test to be eligible for admission.

Admission will be offered on merit basis based on CBT score (rank) for both open and reserved (quota) seat categories. 

Admission Criteria


Scholarships are available for meritorious and financially weak students as per KU provision. The application for scholarship has to be submitted after the admission with necessary documents. In each program or subject area, one tuition fee waiving scholarship (2 for program with 60 intake capacity) will be available for the first semester based on KUCAT CBT score. Highest merit based scholarship after first semester will be based on Semester Grade Point Average obtained by students in the class.

Curricular Structure

First Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
MATH 105 Engineering Mathematics I 3
ENGT 103 Communication Skills I (English) 2
ARCH 111 History of Architecture I (Western) 3
ARCH 121 Design Studio I 3
ARCH 151 Art Appreciation and Practice I 2
ARCH 131 Architectural Drawing and Graphics I 3
ARCH 101 Building Sciences I 3
Total 19

Second Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
MATH 106 Engineering Mathematics II 3
NEPT 101 Communication Skills II (Nepali) 2
ARCH 112 History of Architecture II (Eastern) 3
ARCH 161 Building Material I 3
ARCH 142 Design Studio II 3
ARCH 132 Architectural Drawing and Graphics II 3
ARCH 152 Art Appreciation and Practice II 2
ARCH 171 Workshop I 2
Total 21

Third Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
ARCH 201 Building Science II 3
ARCH 202 History of Architecture III (Nepalese) 3
ARCH 203 Building Construction I 3
ARCH 206 Architectural Drawing and Graphics III 2
ARCH 207 Design Studio III 4
CIEG 231 Engineering Mechanics 3
CIEG 232 Surveying for Architects I 3
Total 21

Fourth Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
ARCH 215 Building Materials II 3
ARCH 216 History of Modern Architecture and Design Theory 3
ARCH 219 Design Studio IV 5
CIEG 241 Mechanics of Materials 3
CIEG 242 Surveying for Architects II 3
Total 19

Fifth Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
ARCH 301 Mountain Architecture 2
ARCH 302 Design Studio V 5
ARCH 304 Working Drawing I and CAD 3
ARCH 305 Building Construction II 3
CIEG 331 Theory of Structures 3
CIEG 332 Building Services I 3
MGTS 305 Engineering Economics 2
Total 21

Sixth Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
ARCH 316 Design Studio VI (Mountain) 6
ARCH 318 Working Drawing II and CAD 3
ARCH 319 Building Construction III 3
CIEG 341 Design of Steel Masonry and Timber Structures 6
CIEG 342 Quantity Estimation 3
EEEG 331 Building Services III  
Total 21

Seventh Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
ARCH 401 Landscape Design 3
ARCH 402 Design Studio VII 6
CIEG 403 Construction Management 3
CIEG 431 Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings 3
MEEG 442 Building Services III 3
    Elective I 3
Total 21

Eighth Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
ARCH 416 Design Studio VIII (Conservation Studio) 8
SOCA 401 Sociology 2
MGTS 402 Entrepreneurship Development 3
ARCH   Seminar and Directed Studies 3
    Elective II 3
Total 19

Ninth Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
ARCH 501 Internship 9
ARCH 502 Mini Project 3
Total 12

Tenth Semester

Subject Code Course Name Credits
ARCH 505 Professional Practices and Building Regulations 3
ARCH 506 Architectural Design Thesis 9
Total 12