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Science and Technology

3 year(s)

Bachelor of Computer Science (HONS)-IT programme provides students with a broad and fundamental understanding of computer science, programming and software engineering. This programme is developed in consultation with industry input to prepare students for one of the fastest growing professions today.

The Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) is a three-year programme. It equips graduates with skills to be technically competent in the analysis, development and implementation of computer systems. Courses are delivered in a small-class environment through lectures, labs, tutorials and individual consultations. Case-study analysis and problem-solving approaches are adopted to enhance student learning.


Successful completion of 10+2 or equivalent with minimum average of 50% and minimum average of 60% in Mathematics (in SLC or +2 level)

Curricular structure


Year 1
Semester ICredit HoursSemester IICredit Hours
Interactive Skills3Operating System3
Discrete Structure3Calculus3
Fundamentals of Software Engineering3Technical and Professional Communication3
Computer Architecture3Database Concepts3
Programming Fundamentals4System Analysis and Design3
Organization Management3Office Application3
Algebra3Software Project Management3
Year 2
Semester ICredit HoursSemester IICredit Hours
Introduction to Statistics3Human Computer Interaction3
Object Oriented Programming4Object Oriented Technique3
Data Communication and Networking3Internet Programming4
Fundamentals of Multimedia3Basic Entrepreneurship3
Ethics and Professional Conduct3Data Structure and Algorithm4
Network and Data Security3Multimedia Networking3
Management Information System3IT Project I2
Year 3
Semester ICredit HoursSemester IICredit Hours
K-Management3Industrial Training6
Mobile Programming4Introduction to E-Commerce4
Computer Graphics4Artificial Intelligence4
Distributed and Parallel3Professional Communication3
Advanced Programming4
IT Project II4
Total Credits126


  • Java Certification Training
  • Mobile App Development
  • CCNA Certification training
  • Web Application training
Fee Structure
Particular1st Year2nd Year3rd Year
Admission Fee35000/-
ECA/Induction Fee5,000/-2,500/-2,500/-
1st Semester fee60,000/-60,000/-60,000/-
2nd Semester fee60,000/-60,000/-60,000/-
Total College Fee4,05,000/-
Total University Registration Fee (To be paid in installments every semester US$ 230)US$ 1375/-
Grand TotalNrs. 5,53,500/-