Welhams College

Buddhanagar, New Baneshwor,, Kathmandu




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  1. Description

Welhams College is affiliated to Tribhuvan University, is one of the wings of Welhams Education Network. It is established in the year 2005. The mission of the college is to insure the quality, competence and performance of the student on current issues. Within the short span of time, it is gaining the confidence and maturity in its academic program and social activities.

It has well managed administrative staffs with highly qualified and experienced teachers. Furthermore, it is guided by a dedicated management committee for conformity with the National Educational goal. The college is committed to provide quality education at a reasonable cost. Its objective is to produce qualified and competent graduates to meet the national goal.

Welhams College has good accessibility to the public transportation system and is near from every corner of the three cities of the valley. The college has ample parking space and open area for some fresh air. Even if this is linked with main road, there is relatively peaceful environment in the college premises. The college provides ideal environment for learning and knowledge sharing as part of its culture. The college also ensures that the students find a very professional feeling while at the college.

Education can only make sense if the educators and the students make sense of the real life implication of the things that they are teaching and learning. Welhams College actively advocates and applies this concept of learning and hence encourages active participation from both students and teachers in understanding the applications of the things that they discuss in the classroom.

Developing the right culture is essential to making an environment conducive for learning. Hence, the faculty members and students as well as the college staff should work together to build such environment. Culture of learning and constantly exploring new horizons is all the more important to inculcate  learning through fun. Welhams College provides learning opportunities through exposing the students to the real life scenarios so that instead of students looking for solutions from teachers, they discuss solutions with each other and the teachers.


The mission of the Welhams College is to achieve excellence through high quality and need based education with focused on development of individual 's potential. It's mission is to serve the society through excellent knowledge delivery.


Welhams envisions of being the best business school in Nepal by providing business education keeping insight of the latest updates in the business world, national and international, while being responsive and committed to creating positive social initiatives.


  • Be open-minded to knowledge sharing.
  • Create and environment for such knowledge sharing for both the learners and the facilitators.
  • Respect the individuals be IT employees, facilitators, students or the society at large.
  • Collaborate for developing knowledge pool.
  • Be disciplined, sincere and praise hard work.
  • Take care of utilizing the resources carefully.
  • Keep integrity and humility intact at all times.