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The Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of Pokhara University provides students with sound conceptual knowledge, practical skill, and attitude required for the various areas of business and hospitality management The BHM program aims at developing students’ intellectual ability, executive personality, and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education with course related to hospitality management. The program is targeted at building the leadership qualities required for managing business functions. The program also aims to produce entrepreneurs who can initiate small-scale hotel and restaurant businesses. Besides, the program helps the students to develop the proper attitudes and qualities required for managing business functions.

Curricular Structure

The BHM Program is an intensive 4-year course stretched over eight semesters of full time study, with every academic year having two semesters. The Fall Semester starts in September and the spring semester in March. Students are normally admitted to the program in the fall semester. Maximum duration allowed for the BHM program to be completed is eight years i.e., 16 semesters. A student needs to successfully complete 138 credit hours of coursework, internship and project work for graduation. After completion of the course requirements students are awarded with the degree of Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) by Pokhara University.

Requirement Details

Anyone having Intermediate or Higher Secondary or Proficiency Certificate Level or equivalent as recognized by Pokhara University can apply for admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Hotel Management. Admission to the program is based on academic promise of applicants as indicated by their academic records, statement of objectives, recommendations, scores on entrance test and performance in the personal interview.