Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital, College of Nursing

Banepa, Kavrepalanchok


Scheer Memorial College of Nursing (SMCN) is an esteemed institution affiliated with Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre, located within the complex of Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital Medical Institute (SMAHMI) in Banepa, Nepal. Established on September 19th, 2005, SMCN offers a B.Sc. Nursing Program.

One of the unique advantages of SMCN is its affiliation with Kathmandu University's School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS). In the first year, students can learn from and be taught by professors from KUSMS, gaining access to a network of experienced professionals and experiencing a rigorous curriculum in Integrated Health Sciences.

SMAH, with its 150-bed capacity, serves as a full-service hospital and a platform for SMCN students to gain practical experience through clinical practices. This invaluable opportunity allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a natural healthcare setting.
The college is well-equipped with various facilities, including classrooms, laboratories for basic sciences and nutrition, audiovisual and computer labs, a library, demonstration rooms, offices, conference halls, a visiting room, a canteen, a hostel, and other essential amenities necessary for effective teaching and learning experiences.

The dedicated faculty members at SMCN are experienced and qualified and committed to ensuring meaningful learning experiences for the students. They serve as role models, promoting a spirit of inquiry and lifelong learning through their teaching, clinical practice, research, counseling, and other academic activities.

The success of SMCN is evident through the excellent results of its graduates, with a 100% pass rate in the license examination conducted by the Nepal Nursing Council. Apart from the academic curriculum, the college also organizes co-curricular activities, sports events, and cultural programs that contribute to the student's overall physical and social development.

Additionally, SMCN provides various health-related training programs conducted by national and international experts, enhancing its graduates' employability. This has led to a 100% employment rate, with graduates finding immediate opportunities in the market upon graduation.




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