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Bachelor of Business Administration- BBA (Hons.) is a three-year, six-semester, 360-credit degree offered by Patan College of Professional Studies, which is affiliated with the University of Bedfordshire.

The course has been designed to develop graduates who are able to: 

  • Perform in an organization effectively with an intelligent pro-active mind-set in a project involving people from different functions in the organization
  • Be able to network purposefully with stakeholders, external and internal and enhance the success of initiatives within the organization.
  • Show initiative and enterprise in implementing new ideas and technologies in the face of external uncertainty.
  • To have the ability to engage effectively and appropriately, both orally and in writing, with a variety of audiences to analyze a situation to formulate a considered and reflective opinion and to make reasoned and informed recommendations.
  • Work independently on defined business problems, suggest appropriate courses of action and evaluate contingent outcomes.
  • Participate in major projects as an effective team member applying specific business skills and techniques creatively.

On completion of this degree, students are likely to progress on to the following areas:

  • Enter the world of business including Finance, Marketing and Operations and Project Management. Many students may work for large multinational organisations but increasingly prefer smaller organisations where there are opportunities to work across a number of functional areas.
  • Further study: Post-graduate study such as Masters course in Business Administration, Business Management and Human Resource Management. Professional courses like ACCA, CIMA, CMI, CIPD, APM, Research degrees
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