B.A (Hons.) in Business Administration - University of Bedfordshire (UoB)

University of Bedfordshire (UoB)


3 year(s)

B.A (Hons.) in Business Administration- BBA (Hons.)  is a  3 Years/6 Semesters, 360 credits program run by Patan College of Professional Studies in Nepal with affiliation from University of Bedfordshire 

B.A (Hons.) in Business Administration- BBA (Hons.) course aims to deliver conceptual propositions and skills related to:

  1. a range of business models, ideas and managerial techniques
  2. a number of management theories relevant to different functions of the business
  3. a range of suitable examples and contexts to assist you in operating in different business environments.
  4. the opportunity to expand upon theoretical constructs into the application of knowledge and its practical implications for the business as a going concern.

Intake Session: February / June / September-October