Nepal Business College

Buddha Bihar Marga, Janpath Tole, Biratnagar,, Biratnagar




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  1. Description

Nepal Business College (NBC) is located at Biratnagar, Morang. Nepal Business College offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs in affiliation with a famed Malaysian University -Lincoln University College.

It was established in 2014 A.D. with the view to becoming a leading business college in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal. Nepal Business College (NBC) believes in balancing management and disciplined practical training within a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

At Nepal Business College (NBC) the class structure and ambiance are extremely learner-friendly and well-ventilated. By keeping class size small and encouraging professionalism in classroom approach, students are made into change agents and models of success.


To be the torchbearer of excellence and innovation in Eastern Nepal for producing farsighted professionals capable of exercising entrepreneurial and managerial knowledge, skills and attitudes as well as developing individuals who have a plan, motivation, and vision to serve the nation and its people.


  • To provide the best managerial and entrepreneurial excellence through the practice and propagation of rigorous curriculum and contemporary programs.
  • To innovate and impart knowledge and skills by incorporating various study disciplines by establishing synergistic interaction with the community and workplace so that products and services created thereof can be harmonized for effecting societal transformation, inculcating scientific inquiry, institutionalizing international experience and celebrating human values.


  • To contribute to the progress of the college community.
  • To promote equality, diversity, and cohesion to tackle discrepancy and discrimination in every way possible.
  • To respect fellow students, institutions, and community and encourage a sense of belonging and well-being.
  • To harness excellence and growth by providing a range of learning opportunities, services and support relevant to the needs of individuals and employers.
  • To provide "effective" education in design, delivery, and output.
  • To prepare skilled mid-career level and middle-level workforce for the management and business industry.
  • To develop committed and result-driven learners ready to show resilience and commitment to effect change and growth.
  • To work as a team and collaborate positively in college outreach programs.