Nawajagaran Multiple Campus

Tamsariya-7, Chormara, Tamsariya, Madhyabindu, Nawalpur
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Nawajagaran Multiple Campus is located in Tamsariya-7, Chormara, Nawalparasi . It is a community college affiliated with Tribhuvan University. It offers BBS, BA and B.Ed program.

Nawajagaran Multiple Campus, despite being in the rural area, has been providing quality education with the motto of imparting practical knowledge to meet the global need of 21st –century- modern-world while preserving the cultural ethics. We are marching forward with the philosophy that education is not merely a means of earning but it is a path leading towards multidimensional pursuit of life.

Established by the active initiation of the community, the campus has directly benefited the rural underprivileged students and traditionally side-lined groups, especially women be they daughters or daughter-in-laws who have no access to higher education. As a public campus, our only goal is to offer competitive education at the minimal cost so as to produce qualified students who can achieve success in every step of life.