The media consumption pattern in Nepal is changing at an unprecedented rate as increasingly people are turning to digital technologies and channels for information. The use of the internet is increasing by leaps and bounds thanks to thousands of smartphone users joining the fray of internet consumers every month. King’s College, being a forerunner in world-class education promotes the entrepreneurial spirit in students on a continuous basis to bridge the gap between what the digital media industry needs and what we can offer.

Students will gain a detailed understanding of the overall business landscape and concepts exclusive to digital marketing, for example, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), web data analysis, digital analytics, etc.

Opportunities for digital marketers are vast. With new innovations and avenues opening up, along with the government and regulatory push in Nepal, BBA in Digital Marketing graduates can choose to work in countless roles such as search engine optimization specialist, social media specialist, digital strategy specialist, content marketing manager, and so forth.

We select students on the basis of interview (25%), written test (25%), past experience & involvement (25%) and previous academic performance (25%). In life, we are what we are because someone had trusted in us and given a chance in critical moments. Thus, during selection process, we consciously make decisions to give a chance to students despite their past and background, given that they show commitment.