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KFA Business School, an academic wing of KFA, was founded in 2009. KFA Business School has pioneered creative and one-of-a-kind 'learning approaches' since its establishment. KFA has been essential in producing much-needed academically sound and practically trained human resources through its 'Dual Faculty System (DFS)' as one of its primary delivery modalities.

Salient Features


This is a unique teaching mechanism that KFA pioneered in Nepal in a highly structured manner. Under DFS, two Resource Persons – the Academic Professors (APS) & the Professional Contributors (PCs) teach each and every subject.


Evolve Series includes a series of structured classes that help students learn, develop and polish their skills. Communication, Writing, Computing, and Etiquettes are some of the many skills that students master from these classes.


Since 2010, KFA has placed over 500 students in various reputed companies inside and outside the country. KFA has a well-laid-out systematic process of meeting students’ career aspirations and corporate expectations. Here, the Career Cell functions as a bridge between the College, Industries, and Students.


As soon as a student enrolls at KFA, profiling is done to identify students based on traits, characteristics, and/or behavior and most importantly their strength. Student profiling is a process of collecting facts, insights, and analysis of their skills. This is led by Career Cell with a distinctive skill mapping technique to help them realize their strength.


At KFA, we privilege students to take their business ideas forward through Entrepreneurship Brainstorming Session. The envisioned ideas are put through a process of feasibility check. In this session, students are encouraged to freely put their business ideas discussed in the panel. Once the ideas are checked for feasibility, they then are put into action in the next process.


BEMP is a comprehensive Business Project undertaken in the ‘Entrepreneurship’ subject during the Second Year. Under BEMP students will actually register a real firm/company (although with a very low capital) as per their interest area and they perform real business activities, including Legal, Finance, Operations & Marketing. In short, through BEMP, students will be ‘Business-Ready’. 


This is an initiative taken by KFA to create entrepreneurship in the country. Once students are ‘Business-Ready’ through various subjects that they learn in the MBA Program and also upon successful completion of BEMP, they are ready for PEG.


A need assessment is undertaken in different industries to assess the gap in the organization. Students will be supervised by their respective mentors in association with the host organization. Students will work on the research topic and spend time working at the host organization.


The benefit of having prior experience in real working cases always befits the possibility to get the job you want. Under this pillar, students are assigned to do a real consulting assignment after a gap analysis in a relevant industry. The project is led by the students in groups and is assigned a supervisor.


Knowledge ranging from Economic to political to social and cultural helps to grow confidence in individuals. Global Economic Analysis is a comprehensive session on current global economic topics. This is a continuous program where generally a guest speaker, who is an expert in the topic, presents an informative session backed by reliable data.



Business Observation Tour (domestic) is a one-day program where students explore the operating cycle of a service/manufacturing/ trading company. The visit is made in the nearby company (inside valley) for the ease of learning.


Those students enrolled in Day MBA are also taken outside the country to visit the International facilities as a part of their course learning whereby they get exposure to international systems and processes.


KFA has a dedicated Research Department under the guidance of the Academic Department which facilitates research-based learning and knowledge building within the organization. The students are engaged in primary and secondary research which is an integral part of their Compulsory Research-Based Assignments for every subject in each semester.


KFA is located at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. It started as a training center by launching KFA General Banking Course (KFA-GBC), which is the most popular banking course in the country today. 

With the change in context, KFA has understood the needs of the market and devised various programs rightly focused on the requirements of the banking, insurance, and corporate fraternities. It has also been providing various kinds of customized programs to banks and financial institutions.

The basic objective for KFA to launch this course is to produce world-class human resources for their contribution in helping the Nepalese Financial Sector grow. Students, who have completed Graduation in any discipline with a minimum of 50 percent marks, can apply for this course. This course has an ideal blend of academic and professional subjects. 

Therefore, KFA has a good mix of academic professors, professional bankers, and insurance managers as faculty members of the program. KFA has been running various Banking and Insurance related courses for the last 9 years.


KFA in on the mission to produce world-class human resources and provide the mix of  management solutions through its education, trainig and consulting services.


KFA aspires to be one of the best Management Education, Training, and Consulting institutions not only in Nepal but also gear up to make visible contributions in the regional and global arena. 

Message from the Academic Director

Jasmine Hada Bajracharya

We strive to create impactful knowledge, transform business practice and empower our Students for a fair and sustainable future and we apply these principles in how we teach emerging leaders, who measure success by the impact they have on the people around them and the broader community.

KFA, with almost two decades of experience in excellent and innovative Academic, Training and Consulting  deliveries, has a vibrant community of faculty, staff members, students and alumni who are contributing to shape and apply the best practice of businesses at local or global arena.

Our rich and innovative programs in an academic environment to facilitate learning skills, knowledge and attitude are carefully designed. Our goal is to create an environment where students learn as a team how to tackle difficult, complex situations by probing, discussing and integrating. We offer students the opportunity to develop academic and professional excellence with hands on practical experience with a view to enjoy rewarding careers in today’s dynamic world.

Come join us to experience a teaching methodology never experienced before, I am looking forward to personally welcome you at KFA.

Jasmine Hada Bajracharya
Academic Director