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The Bachelor of Business Administration program at KFA is a comprehensive and forward-looking academic endeavor that blends theory with practical application. Throughout your studies, you will delve into the fundamental facets of business, from management and marketing to finance and entrepreneurship. With a curriculum meticulously crafted to reflect the evolving industry landscape, you will gain insights that resonate with the modern business world.

Why Choose BBA at KFA?

  • Guaranteed Job Placement for students scoring 3.5 and higher CGPA
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Real World Experience
  • Expert Faculty

Strong Pillars of KFA BBA

  1. Guaranteed Job Placement
  2. Industry/Company Learnings
  3. Guest/Visiting Lectures
  4. Internship/Placement Service
  5. Industry/Company Observation Tours
  6. Practical Research Skills
  7. Self-Directed Learning Empowerment
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