The Bachelor of Business Administration Banking & Insurance (BBA-BI) is a four-year bachelor degree program divided into eight semesters. Before graduating, a student must complete 120 credit hours of academic work, a summer project, and an internship. The BBA-BI program at Pokhara University's Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) is aimed to develop skilled managers for banking and insurance firms. The curriculum provides students with a solid intellectual basis as well as practical skills in numerous areas of banking, finance, and insurance.


Excel Business College follows Pokhara University’s evaluation system to measure students’ academic performance. The system is as follows:

Internal Evaluation

Fifty percent (50%)weight is given to internal evaluation. Internal evaluation will be done by the concerned faculty member in prescribed format by college under university guideline.

External Evaluation (Semester End Examination)

Fifty percent (50%) weight is given to external evaluation. The end-of-the semester examination is conducted by the Office of the Controller of Examination, Pokhara University.