Bajura Campus


Bajura Campus has been established as a community-based center of higher education in Badimalika Municipality – 08, Martadi, Bajura, the headquarter of Bajura District. It is offering Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Bachelor of Education program (B.Ed) in affiliation with Tribhuvan University.

There is the provision of the hostel, computer class, occasional guest lecturing by reputed and distinguished invited personnel from various fields and extra-curricular activities are other facilities are being provided by the campus. 

The campus has a student-friendly and psychological environment. The campus has been providing higher education for the students of Bajura and neighboring districts.

Bajura Campus started its operation by using the infrastructure and manpower of Malika Higher Secondary School in 2063 B.S.


  • Social reformation with the delivery of inclusive, vocational, and quality education as per the need and demand of the changing society.


  • To make the Bajura campus one of the noble destinations of academic excellence and research study that reinforces the students to develop their competitive ability for their future career to adjust in the diverse sphere of society.


  • To establish the Bajura campus as a dynamic academic institution with the involvement of stakeholders in the education campaign of social reformation.
  • To ensure inclusive, vocational, and quality education as per the need and demand of the changing society.
  • To provide the opportunity for higher education who are deprived of it.
  • To establish the campus as the research center.
  • To make the campus a well-managed center of study with a well-equipped e-library and technology-based teaching and learning.
  • To make the campus independent physically and economically.

Message from the Campus Chief

Suresh Prasad Pandit

Firstly, I would like to respect and thank the existing and previous campus management committees, politicians, social activists, renowned educators, teachers, staff, students, and other stakeholders and donor agencies for their remarkable contribution to establish and develop Bajura Campus as a destination of higher education. The establishment of social organization is the output of the joint effort of people from diverse backgrounds which is proved to establish and run our campus. I heartily expect this sort of cooperation and participation continuously for further institutional enhancement. Secondly, the campus has been facing various challenges, such as lack of sustainable economic source, physical facilities, insufficient books in the library, computer and projectors for technology-based teaching-learning, students’ irregularity in the class, drop out, low pass rate, etc. However, the campus family is fully committed to overcoming those challenges for institutional development to ensure quality education. For this purpose, I would play the role of coordinator and mediator with the donor agencies and stakeholders. I would heartily welcome their suggestions and recommendation that I need to follow for holistic institutional development. So I am hopeful that Bajura Campus will be one of the noble destinations of quality education even in remote areas if we get cooperative support from all the supporting agencies. To ensure quality education Bajura Campus has recruited dynamic and energetic teaching and non-teaching staff to regulate curricular activities so that the students could flourish their potentialities. Moreover, a wide range of extra-curricular activities is being launched to enhance the all-around development of the students. Similarly, we are deeply committed to the personal development and successful academic journey of our students. We would not make any sort of lacks to ensure their successful academic journey. Finally, I feel proud to lead such a dynamic campus administratively with enormous opportunities. I look forward to working with you all to ensure the best of the campus and students’ academic journey.

Suresh Prasad Pandit
Campus Chief