BCA degree is an advanced computer application course that enables the graduates to understand the dynamic changes, research, and development taking place in the field of computer hardware and software. Almost every sector of services; computing technologies are replacing the tradition methodologies and business practice which requires expert professionals, who can apply computer science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology. This is an undergraduate program where students are exposed to various areas of computer applications, including the latest development keeping pace with the industry. The Aryan School has adopted a perfect module to prepare appropriate, skillful manpower required during the interface between business and technology. With the major emphasis on hands-on practical training in software design and development, we adopt the university curriculum to prepare graduates for a career in software development, programming, Hardware Design, and manufacturing.

The key learning outcomes are:

  • Analyze, design, and develop software or computer systems and design secure networks & monitor them to handle data and information worldwide
  • Design and develop web, desktop, or mobile-based systems, build up websites, and create software applications to satisfy customer needs
  • Gain specialization in configuration, integration, development, and testing of systems and networks to meet industrial needs
  • Resolve system-related issues and troubleshoot communication and networking problems to ensure smooth operation
  • Acquire skills and expertise in intelligent information retrieval systems to benefit decision making bodies in an organization