The BBA-BI Program of Pokhara University aims to provide students with foundation knowledge and practical skills in various areas of business administration in the banking and insurance sector. It also intends to develop the intellectual ability and managerial skills in students through business and other social science courses. Besides, the program helps the students to develop the proper attitudes and qualities required for managing business functions.

The curriculum is designed to equip students with the competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for success in the banking, finance, and insurance field. The coursework gives students a broad and holistic view of the challenges in today’s business environment. The BBA-BI program provides students basis for career growth and prepares them for higher studies. The program specifically aims to produce the graduates who:

  • have a sound knowledge and proper conceptual underpinnings of business management,
  • are well acquainted with the broad contexts of business organizations in Nepal and outside,
  • possess analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills,
  • possess the ability to use electronic media and computers to solve organizational problems,
  • have the ability to work in teams and individually and
  • are competent in written and oral communication, including the ability to use electronic media and computers for business communication.

Why BBA-BI ?

The BBA-BI is a four-year program structured in eight semesters. A student needs to complete 120 credit hours of course work, project work, and internship for graduation. Besides lectures, the classes are facilitated by case studies, group discussions, project assignments, field visits, class presentations, and other teaching methods. In order to develop communication and interpersonal skills, students are emphasized to participate in class activities, group discussions, and individual presentations. The medium of instruction and examination for this program will be English, and a student is expected to have good English language proficiency with acceptable communication skills.