Rankings of Universities Operating in Nepal - Times Higher Education

August 08, 2023
Last updated August 21, 2023
Rankings of Universities Operating in Nepal - Times Higher Education
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The annual World University Rankings for 2023 by The Times Higher Education (THE) encompassed 1,799 universities spanning 104 countries and regions, marking the most extensive and diverse university rankings thus far.

Inclusion in these rankings is reserved for a highly selective group of universities that must satisfy various criteria. Notably, from 2023, THE introduced a new category termed "Reporter," encompassing universities that, although not meeting all criteria, are in a phase of growth and development.

Notably, Nepal, too, finds its place within this extensive evaluation, with its universities contributing to the intricate tapestry of higher education on a global scale. In this context, valuable insights emerge regarding the performance and contributions of both domestic and foreign universities in Nepal, shedding light on their positions, achievements, and the evolving educational landscape in the country.

Presented below is a compilation of universities in Nepal, along with their performance in the official rankings.

University Ranking Category
Tribhuvan University 801-1000th National
Kathmandu University Reporter National
Pokhara University No Data National
Purbanchal University No Data National
Lincoln University College Reporter Foreign
Univeristy of West England 401-500th Foreign
University of Bedfordshire 801-1000th Foreign
Oxford Brookes University 601-800th Foreign
HELP University No Data Foreign
Coventry University 801-1000th Foreign
Leeds Beckett University 801-1000th Foreign
Limkokwing University No Data Foreign
London Metropolitan University Reporter Foreign
Nilai University No Data Foreign
Queen Margaret University Reporter Foreign
UCSI University No Data Foreign
University of Northampton Reporter Foreign

While Nepal's own universities make a presence, it is Tribhuvan University that secures a place within the official rankings, positioned within the 801-1000 range. A noteworthy addition is Kathmandu University, which, while not fulfilling all prerequisites, has been designated as a "Reporter" university, reflecting its trajectory of growth and development.

However, some notable Nepalese universities like Pokhara University and Purbanchal University did not make the cut for inclusion in the rankings, leaving room for future advancements in their academic pursuits.

Across foreign universitites operating in Nepal, the highest rank was attained by the University of the West of England from the UK, securing a spot in the 401-500 tier. Following closely was Oxford Brookes University, situated in the 601-800 bracket.

The remaining universities included in the rankings all fell within the 801-1000 range. These included the University of Bedfordshire, Coventry University, and Leeds Beckett University.

Four international universities with a presence in Nepal have been acknowledged with the "Reporter" designation: Lincoln University College, London Metropolitan University, Queen Margaret University, and the University of Northampton.

Lastly, HELP University, Limkokwing University, Nilai University, and UCSI University found no placement within the list, as their data was unavailable.

The full rankings can be viewed HERE.

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