​Oxford Brookes University

Headington Rd, Oxford OX3 0BP, United Kingdom

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Salient Features

  • Growing international footprint and furthering world-leading research
  • Multi award-winning facilities
  • Member of the University Alliance (UA), an association of universities with a mission to drive innovation across Britain
  • High student satisfaction with teaching quality 
  • Develops skills of students inside and outside their studies
  • Hosts co-curricular projects to fuel students' enthusiasm and hone their abilities
  • Fantastic and dedicated staff, all 2,800 of them
  • Located at Oxford, one of the UK’s most vibrant cities

  • Established 1865 AD
  • +44 (0) 1865 741111


Oxford Brookes University began life as the Oxford School of Art in 1865. It occupied one room on the ground floor of the Taylor Institution in the centre of the city.

Five years later the School of Science was incorporated. Classes in a range of scientific and technical subjects were available. As well as evening classes in the University Museum. In 1891 the School was taken over by the Technical Instruction Committee (part of Oxford City Council), and renamed Oxford City Technical School.

John Henry Brookes became Vice-Principal of the Oxford City Technical School and Head of the School of Art in 1928. Over the next 30 years he worked on the development of the institution. His goal was to make education available to all.

In 1949, the School moves to a 25-acre site in Headington. Brookes referred to the move as 'setting foot in the Promised Land'. Lord Nuffield laid the foundation stone six years later. Over the years there were more merges and name changes. Finally in 1992 it was named Oxford Brookes University.

Today, Oxford Brookes University is a thriving community of staff and students. Committed to helping our students achieve their potential. And to become graduates prepared for fulfilling and valuable lives.

Oxford Brookes University has over 150 years of history. It started out as a small School of Art in borrowed teaching rooms and have grown into one of the UK's top modern universities with a local, national and international reputation for teaching and research excellence.