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Edusanjal CMAT Preparation Online Class

July 08, 2022
Last updated August 29, 2022

CMAT Preparation Classes in Nepal

Various institutions provide CMAT entrance exam preparation classes in Nepal. Among them, some offer physical classes and some offer online classes. The fee of one institute can be varied from another. 

CMAT Online Classes

Nowadays most students prefer online classes over physical classes because online classes are easy to take and operate. The online class is the best choice for students who want to prepare for CMAT. Compared to physical classes, online classes are more flexible and time-saving. The benefits that students get from online classes can be:

  • Affordability (Low education cost)
  • Comfortable learning environment (skip crowd)
  • Flexibility to study at own preferred time and location at own pace
  • Personalized learning

CMAT classes in other institutes

Numerous online services or institutes offer CMAT preparation courses. These courses are costly and non-effective. Every student can't afford high costly fees for CMAT preparation.


  • Online course-providing institutes may charge you up to 3-7k.
  • They don’t go punctual with assessments after every chapter. 
  • Those courses aren't easily accessible to everyone.
  • They charge you for study material.
  • No repeated practices

CMAT Preparation Online at Edusanjal

Edusanjal has been providing services to students and colleges for 12 years and now introducing free online courses for students who want to prepare for the CMAT in a more flexible and affordable way. Students who are dreaming about a career in the field of management and want to pursue a degree from the best management colleges in Nepal can start preparing for CMAT at their most trustable platform, Edusanjal.

Edusanjal will be providing all materials needed for the preparation of CMAT. Students' learning will be assessed at the end of completion of every single chapter so that they know how much they are gaining and improving. Edusanjal provides the best faculty members and highly qualified and experienced tutors holding diverse knowledge and strategies to succeed in the exam. The only coaching facility provider which offers free CMAT classes and high-quality education for preparatory programs is Edusanjal. You can start preparing now at

The benefits you will get from the course provided by Edusanjal are:

  • Full syllabus coverage
  • Free materials like ebook, pdf, and past questions
  • Chapterwise assessment
  • Availability and Flexiblility to everybody 
  • Free coaching class
  • Repeated learning 

Note: Students only have to pay the registration to get full access to Edusanjal's complete CMAT package.

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