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Edusanjal Academic Counseling

October 14, 2022
Last updated October 16, 2022
Edusanjal Academic Counseling
KMC Lalitpur

Edusanjal is a leading educational consultant having more than 12 years of experience in the field of education. Edusanjal has been serving students with direct connections to colleges and programs that suit their educational goals. Every student has a different idea of what the "best" college is, and each college search has its own special problems, which we recognize at Edusanjal. Edusanjal's Counseling strives to assist prospective students in finding institutions that best suit their needs by using its own research and recommendations.

Why Edusanjal?

Edusanjal has been associated with more than 250 colleges with more than 100 career options, so you have a wide range of choices. Edusanjal helps students to find the right course for students based on their affordability. Students wanting to pursue their interested degrees or programs in those colleges can get up to 50% scholarship waiver through Edusanjal. 

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Edusanjal offers expert counseling in diverse fields. The qualified counselor helps you to identify problems and possible solutions of the problems and guide you through it. Counselors at Edusanjal will help you evaluate your career and course choices accurately while individually considering your educational background, strengths, and skills. From shortlisting the best colleges to tracking your entire admission process, Edusanjal will make your higher education journey hassle-free and put you on the path to success.

Counseling Procedure

The counseling process includes four different stages to make the counseling effective enough. 


  • First, the counselor has to know your academic background and field of interest. The counselor will help you identify educational and career paths that match your ability based on your key information.


  • The most crucial thing to consider before choosing a college to pursue a degree is to compare available facilities, costs, eligibility, and reviews to your preferences. The counselor will also help you find the best college recommendations based on your provided information.


  • After matching all the information to your preferred programs in the preferred colleges, you can confirm your seat at that respective college or university for admission.


  • Edusanjal helps to enroll students in colleges with some waivers via Edusanjal's hassle-free admissions process.

Register at: Free Counseling Session at Edusanjal

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