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How to Choose the Right Career Path after SEE?

April 05, 2024
Last updated May 06, 2024
How to Choose the Right Career Path after SEE?
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Deciding on the direction to take after completing your SEE is a significant crossroads that can greatly influence your academic and professional journey. This guide is designed to assist you in making that crucial decision and discovering the right career path for your upcoming educational adventure.

Taking a Moment for Self-Reflection

After wrapping up SEE, it's time for some introspection. Reflect on your passions, career aspirations, and subjects that ignite your enthusiasm. Take the time to understand your interests, contemplating your preferred career path, areas of interest, and life goals. This thoughtful analysis ensures that you won't face challenges such as disliking your chosen course or college, preventing potential study disruptions and life frustrations. Once you have a clear understanding of the subject you want to study and the field that captivates your interest, subsequent decisions become more straightforward.

Lean on Those Close to You

Your teachers, family, and friends are there to support you. Seek their insights for personal recommendations. Their perspectives on your abilities can be invaluable. Use their advice to create a preliminary list of colleges and fields of study.

Stay in the Loop with News and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines provide news, gossip, and current affairs globally. If you're in the habit of reading them, you understand their importance. Grab a newspaper and magazine that aligns with your study interests. You'll find information about +2 colleges, including gossip, news, and advertisements. Create a checklist of colleges and subjects. You can read newspapers online or through dedicated apps, making the process convenient.

Dive into Online Exploration

Let the internet be your guide in exploring +2 college options. Utilize search engines and delve into Nepali educational portals or specific information on +2 colleges in Nepal. Edusanjal, an online education portal with a wealth of information, can be your go-to resource for exploring colleges and educational opportunities.

Mind Your Finances

Consider the financial aspect before finalizing your dream college. Private colleges may be more expensive than government colleges. Scholarships are often available for students with good academic performance. Tuition is just a part of the fees; consider accommodation, textbooks, and other fees as well. If the fee structure is high, speak to the college authorities politely to explore potential grants and scholarships.

Don't Let Peer Pressure Sway You

Choosing a college based on friends or a significant other might seem tempting, but remember, it's YOUR future. While friends' opinions matter, ensure your decisions align with your career goals. Strong relationships endure despite distance and time

Explore What Colleges Offer

Look into extracurricular activities and facilities offered by +2 colleges. Check if they support activities, sports, and volunteerism aligned with your interests. Edusanjal's website provides comprehensive information about colleges, and you can gain further insights through free counseling.

Check Out Infrastructure and Labs

Ensure the college has the necessary facilities. Investigate libraries, labs, and study spaces. Confirm whether they provide the tools and support needed for projects and presentations.

Think About Location

Consider a college located conveniently in a peaceful environment, easily accessible from your place. Transportation options, such as using your vehicle or public transport, should be factored in. Some +2 colleges offer transportation services, either free or at a cost.

Investigate Graduation Rates

Find out the graduation rates of the college. Low graduation rates may result in a longer waiting period to obtain your degree. Inquire about the average time it takes students to complete their education.

Visit Colleges and Talk to People

While websites, brochures, and catalogs offer information, nothing beats a visit. Engage with representatives, ask questions, and ensure you're getting the information you need. If possible, take a full tour of the college and document your experience through video.


Edusanjal serves as your educational guide. It's an online platform that can help you find the right course and career path. Sign up for free counseling and advice – we're there to assist you. 

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Choosing the right +2 college in Nepal is a significant decision that requires thoughtful consideration. Edusanjal is your companion in this journey, providing reliable guidance and counseling. Follow these steps, utilize resources like Edusanjal, and embark on an educational adventure aligned with your goals and dreams – a key to a successful future.

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