Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) colleges in Nepal



"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane", Dr. Martin Luther King said this in Chicago on March 25, 1966, to the second convention of the Medical Committee for Human Rights. Well here in developing country like Nepal, we are grown up witnessing a scenario like this. But what if your job is to change this inequality. 

Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) is one of the few courses that equip the students/graduates with all the necessary knowledge that helps to work in protecting the health of general people. 

Bachelor of Public Health is a four years course Currently offered by three Universities of Nepal namely Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University through their constituent and affiliated campuses. 

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) course objectives:

  1. To develop skills in measurement, design, analysis, and evaluation for applied public health sciences research and programme management.
  2. Train and develop the skills on epidemic logical aspects of diseases and health system.
  3. Foster positive attitudes in health professionals and encourage them to provide more accessible and equitable Primary Health Care services for disadvantaged groups and communities. 
  4. Introduce and enhance the knowledge and practical skills in public health, primary health, health systems development, health economics, nutrition and environmental health.

Job Prospects:

The graduates of Public Heath have a prosperous career opportunity at the different government, non-government, private and public organizations. The graduates generally work in the following sectors:  

  • Governmental Bodies (as a Public Health Officer in the Government of Nepal) 
  • University (Education and Research) 
  • Health Organizations working in different areas of Public Health like emergency preparedness, immunizations, and proper nutrition. 
  • Healthcare Center Health Research Council


The eligibility criteria to enroll in Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) programs vary according to the Universities.

For Tribhuvan University Any student who has secured At least 'C' grade separately in all subjects of Class 11 and 12 (PCB & E) with an overall 2.4 GPA is eligible to appear in the entrance examination for admission conducted by Tribhuvan University.

For Pokhara University Students who have secured minimum 50 % in aggregate or 2.4 CGPA and minimum C+ grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) and minimum C grade in other subjects are eligible to appear in the entrance test for BPH programs conducted by Pokhara University. 

For Purbanchal University  Candidate must have secured minimum C+ grade in aggregate and minimum C grade in each subject in 10+2 or equivalent examinations can appear in the entrance examinations in order to get admissions in Bachelor of Public Health (BPH).

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) Tribhuvan University

Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) program of Tribhuvan University is a Four-year course, which proposes a professional public health specialist. He/she bears a responsibility of providing leadership to the community and to the middle a grass root level health workers. This will help to deliver health care services to the people as designed by Government.

Currently, five Constituent and Affiliated Colleges of Tribhuvan University offer BPH Program in Nepal. They are: 

1. Maharajgunj Medical Campus (MC):

Maharajgunj Medical Campus (MC) at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu is one of the nine campuses of the Institute of Medicine (IoM).  The establishment of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) in 1983 near to Maharajgunj Medical Campus (MC) premise, made the fact very clear imparting medical education does require a teaching hospital for facilitating teaching-learning activities effectively. With the establishment of TUTH, MC acquired the full status of the First Medical School in Nepal. It offers 32 Certificate Level, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post Graduate level courses including Bachelor of Public Health (BPH).  view details

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) Pokhara University

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) is a four year program of Pokhara University. The course aims to prepare a student with all necessary scientific knowledge, technical competencies and human understanding to work in various capacities from community level to the central level health care programs. view details

Currently five Public Health Colleges offers BPH Program in Nepal with affiliation from Pokhara University. They are:

1. Pokhara University School of Health and Allied Sciences:

Pokhara University School of Health and Allied Sciences is located at  Dhungepatan, Pokhara Kaski. With the establishment of Faculty of Science and Technology in 1997 “School of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences” was launched in Pokhara City. School had a very modest start with B.Pharm. Program. In 2003, School has started B.Sc.MLT program aiming to meet the challenges of the health of the 21st century in Nepal.

In 2008, the School has started a new Health Professional course; bachelor in Public Health. In 2009, the name of the school was changed to School of Health and Allied Sciences and B.Sc. Nursing program was started. It offers Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) and five different Health and Allied Sciences programs of Bachelor and Master’s level. view details

2. CIST College:

CIST College has been established under the umbrella of Central Institute of Science and Technology with an affiliation from Pokhara University. The College is run by professionals who have extensive national and international experience in their fields. CIST College is well equipped with modern laboratories and highly qualified faculty.

CIST College fosters a learning environment with real-world implications with an aim to prepare students to excel in the dynamic global environment. It offers Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm), Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) and master of Clinical Pharmacy (M.Pharm). view details

3. Nobel College:

Nobel College was established in 2001 AD by the promoters of Nobel Academy as their extension institute to provide a value-based education at the Bachelor level. Nobel College is committed to the provision of the quality and relevant for Nepal s future managers, entrepreneurs, IT specialists, and health professionals. In an increasingly complex world in relation to global markets and emerging multi-national culture involving competition at the national, regional, and international levels; it is essential that the country has available to it skilled manpower able to take Nepal successfully into the future. It offers 12 different courses of courses of Health and Management from Bachelors to Master’s level courses of Health and Management including Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) with the affiliation from Pokhara University. view details

Find the full list of Colleges that offer BPH programs under Pokhara University here

Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) Purbanchal University:

The BPH program aims to prepare professional public health specialists with the highest technical and managerial competence in district level health programs, including problem identification, planning, implementing, training, health education, and research.

Such specialists can serve in various types of positions at national, regional, zonal, district or local levels. They will be needed in various kinds of governmental or non-governmental health agencies, hospital, schools and institutions, other possible area of absorption may involve special responsibilities, e.g. working directly with local communities and individuals, working primarily with school teachers, administering health education services, and preparing health workers in public health fields. In general, the graduates of Bachelor of Public health program should be able to carry out the responsibilities designed for the district public health officer. view details

Currently, 18 colleges offer Bachelor in Public Health (BPH) with the affiliation from Purbanchal University. They are:

1. Purbanchal University College of Medical and Allied Sciences:

Purbanchal University College of Medical and Allied Sciences is a constituent college of Purbanchal University. It is located in IMS, Gothgaun, Morang. It offers Bachelor of Public Health, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBBN) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing).

2. Little Buddha College of Health Science:

Little Buddha College of Health Science was established in 2007 AD. Centrally located in a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere coupled with various facilities at Minbhawan, Kathmandu, the college runs 3 programs; Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Public Health (BPH) under the affiliation of Purbanchal University and Diploma in Pharmacy under the affiliation of CTEVT. The college is responsible for developing the competent human resource in the health sector through its innovative efforts on education in the fields of pharmacy and public health. Dedicated faculties, as well as other members of the college, help the college stand a step ahead of other institutions. view details