College of Business Management (CBM) Announces Admissions for MBS Program

From December 25, 2022
Until April 15, 2023

College of Business Management announces admissions for Masters of Business Studies affiliated with Tribhuvan University.

College of Business Management is the outcome of the basic needs of the country. Due to the lack of quality education in the country, many Nepali students are compelled to go abroad for higher studies. Considering this problem, the College is committed and dedicated to providing quality education in the subject of Business Management.

Salient Features

Full-fledged classroom

A classroom is where you get to learn practical and theoretical concepts.  It has digitized our learning methods which will help to explore the new digital way of learning. It is a place where you will learn, grow, and experience.


The Library of CBM has a collection of books and journals on management, mathematics, and other related subjects. Students can issue books as per their needs.The college has numerous books including course books, novels, and multiple other books to grow your skills and help you shape healthy psychology. It consists of books that contribute to your courses and offer you a sound environment.

Spacious Playground

CBM college promotes the physical, cognitive, and development of the emotional strength of every individual. It has a provision of a spacious playground with a basketball court to stay optimistic and creative.


The college engages its students in various events that help the students to freshen up and have a good time. It organizes events like CBM carnivals and also sports events like Futsal tournaments, basketball matches, etc.The college encourages its students in events so that they can escape from their monotonous routine and enjoy. This will help students to embrace the learning environment and motivate themselves to engage not only in academics but in extra events as well.

Computer labs

The college imparts technology-based learning methods for its students with proper exposure at computer labs, orienting them towards present technologies.CBM is here for the new generation to help them step forward in this vast digital world. CMB has labs for research and analysis on every aspect.

College Cafeteria

The college maintains a highly hygienic canteen and serves pure and safe drinking water, fresh snacks/bakeries/hot and cold drinks, etc. at a reasonable price.


On request of the parents/students, the College will help to make arrangements for hostel facilities. Quality rooms to provide comfort and aids with the studious environment.