Admissions open for BBA at Global College International (GCI)

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Application form open: 2017-10-10

Application form close: 2017-11-30

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Global College International opens admissions for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. BBA program at GCI is affiliated with Mid-Western University and provides the students with international job placements and internship opportunities. The  program specializes in Marketing, Finance and HR.

Total available sets: 40 seats.

Salient features of BBA at Global College International:

  1. Participative student-centered learning process
  2. Research based practices and real-time case studies
  3. Time-tested curriculum
  4. Business incubation programs
  5. International learning exposures
  6. Out-reach orientation workshop
  7. Prominent faculty of national and international prestige
  8. State of arts infrastructure and technology

Application criteria:

Candidates must have a plus 2 or equivalent degree from recognized academic institutions with minimum of 45% or 2.00 CGPA.


  1. MWU Scholarships (10%)
  2. GCI Merit Scholarships (5%)
  3. GCI Deprived Scholarships (5%)
  4. GCI Merit Stipends (Unlimited)

Application process:

Students can get the information required about the admission process and the program by requesting the desired information to the college.

For requesting information please fill up the inquiry form available here :

Inquiry for BBA at GCI

Students should fill-up the application form available at college desk or  online and submit the hard copy of the application with the required documents to the college. Download the application form here :

GCI BBA Application form download

For further information: 

Global College International (GCI), Ganesthan, Kamaladi

Phone: 9803420672, Email:

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