Admission open for MBM at Saraswati Multiple Campus

Saraswati Multiple Campus announces admission open for Master of Business Management (MBM).

Why MBM?

  1. Develop basic business skills that help to the development of an efficient and capable workforce for the private, public, and social sectors.
  2. Gain a firm basis in knowing what company operations entails, as well as the abilities and knowledge required to be effective business leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.
  3. Partake in interactive sessions, student presentations, case studies, individual and group safeguards, seminars, and fieldwork.


  • Banking and Finance
  • Applied Marketing
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Information and Technology

Why Choose Saraswati Multiple Campus?

The institution has a distinct assessment system in which students must go through both internal (40%) and external (60%) evaluations (60 percent ). The case study technique, portfolios, report writing, and thesis are used to evaluate the pupils. Internal evaluation encourages students to participate in class and to improve their general progress through homework, project work, class examinations, and quizzes.

For further information, contact:

Saraswati Multiple Campus
Kathmandu, Kathmandu
Phone: 01-4412272, 01-4411971
Email: [email protected]