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Admission Open for MBA at KFA Business School

From January 01, 2024
Until April 30, 2024

KFA Business School, located at Mid Baneshwor, announces admissions open for Master of Business Administration (MBA). The MBA program is affiliated with Lincoln University College, Malaysia.

Why MBA at KFA Business School?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at KFA is built on the foundation of 12 Strong Pillars, which are designed to transform students into star managers and entrepreneurs through a comprehensive process of imparting knowledge that is grounded in both theoretical and real-world business scenarios.

12 Strong Pillars of MBA at KFA

  • Dual Faculty System: First Pillar to incorporate practical approach in learning method
  • Evolve Series: Pillar to provide applicable skills for future managers
  • Career Cell: Pillar ti connect students with corporate world for best placement
  • Student Profiling and Career Mapping: Pillar to help students find their passion and support them in pursuing life goals
  • Entrepreneurship Brainstorming Session: Pillar to develop entrepreneurship spirit in students
  • Business Enterprise Managemenet Project: Pillar to develop system thinking for entrepreneurs
  • Professional Enrepreneurship Group: Pillar for developing real entrepreneurs
  • Industry-based Research: Pillar to enable students to cinduct in-depth analysis of businesses operating the nation
  • Delivering Real Consulting Assignments: Pillar that provides students an opportinity to learn and earn by working in real sonsulting assignments
  • Global Economic Analysis: Pillar to develop versatality and dynamism in students
  • Business Observation Tour: Pillar to provide students real-time national and international business exposure
  • Research and Development: Pillar to equip students with full fledged data analytic skills

As a result, students will have a greater grasp of current global and national business trends and problems.

Students at KFA Business School can pick from three different time slots to accommodate their preference.

  • Morning MBA,
  • Day MBA, and
  • Evening MBA