Admissions Open for MA in English - Pokhara University

From August 10, 2023
Until August 26, 2023

Pokhara University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences announces admission open for Master's of Arts in English (MA in English).

Eligibility: Bachelor level or equivalent in any discipline

MA English program is offered at the Institute of Advanced Communication, Education, and Research (IACER).

Application Forms

Application forms are also available at

Admission Dates for MA in English

  • Last date of form submission: August 25, 2023 (Bhadra 8, 2080)
  • Entrance Examination: August 26, 2023 (Bhadra 9, 2080)

Why MA English?

The Master of Arts in English (MA English) program offered by Pokhara University  integrates a diverse array of courses designed to foster cross-disciplinary problem-solving skills. By intertwining subjects such as globalization, communication studies, international relations, conflict transformation, environmental studies, and American studies with the core principles of English Studies, the MA in English program offers a unique and enriching educational experience. The program spans four semesters.

For added flexibility, students are granted a four-year window from the date of admission to fulfill the coursework requirements. This extended timeline recognizes the varied circumstances of learners. In cases where students require additional time due to valid reasons, a one-year extension for the thesis component can be granted, upon recommendation from the supervisor and approval from the Programme Coordinator/School Director. In essence, the MA English program not only delves into the nuances of English Studies but also equips students with a holistic understanding of various contemporary subjects, preparing them for dynamic roles and challenges in today's complex world.