United Universal School | Nurturing Future Leaders for Success Beyond the Classroom

March 25, 2024

United Universal School (UUS), affiliated with the United Academy Group (UAG), was initially established in 2039 B.S. as Aster Academy and later renamed United Universal School in 2078 B.S.. Located in Satdobato, Lalitpur, the institution was founded by a team consisting of experienced academicians, dedicated educators, professors, and entrepreneurs. Its primary aim is to provide outstanding education, prioritizing the holistic development of students, including their physical, mental, moral, and spiritual growth.

In this video, Rakesh Shrestha, the Principal of United Universal School, delves into the origins of the institution. He provides insights into its connection with the United Academy Group, responsible for managing various educational institutions. Furthermore, he underscores the school's central objective of providing outstanding education to students, complemented by a range of counseling services aimed at broadening opportunities and nurturing self-awareness. Additionally, he highlights the presence of numerous student-led clubs within the school, enabling students to apply their classroom learning to club activities.