Kathmandu Euro IB World School | Preparing Students for Global Landscape

April 07, 2024

Kathmandu Euro IB World School was established to offer top-tier education and instill a global perspective in its students. Committed to fostering social excellence, the school employs a holistic approach to develop morally responsible and self-reliant individuals. Educators prioritize course mastery and conceptual understanding by providing personalized instruction to enhance problem-solving skills, ensuring academic success. Their mission is to empower students as confident, lifelong learners equipped for personal and professional growth. The school is distinguished as one of Nepal's few IB-accredited institutions and offers IB PYP and IB MYP programs.

In the course video, Pramod Pandey, the Chairman of Kathmandu Euro IB World School, discusses the implementation of the IB program at Kathmandu Euro School and outlines their future strategies. He elaborates on Kathmandu Euro School's distinguishing features compared to other schools in Nepal, focusing on their teaching techniques and educational approaches. Additionally, Pandey highlights the transformative impact of the IB program on Nepal's educational sector and emphasizes the nurturing environment IB schools provide for students.