Scopes of Food Technology in Nepal

July 24, 2020

What are the career opportunities of Food Science and Technology Education?

Food Science and Technology is one of the few courses in Nepal that promotes interactive learning methods. The prospects in the food technology industries have been growing fast in Nepal and abroad as well. The degree in food technology gives skills and knowledge on a wide variety of topics from chemistry to engineering to microbiology. The areas of different job prospects are food processing, product development, quality control, nutrition, and food safety.

Food technologists can have opportunities in various companies and organizations within the food industry in both the public and private sectors. The associated job roles include the sectors such as central government bodies (policy administration and research), education, food and drink manufacturing companies and research associations, and technical consultancies.

Edutalk is an initiative of edusanjal that explores the various aspects of education in Nepal. Edutalk's 23rd episode featured an interactive conversation with Er. Arna Raj Silwal, Chairperson of Padmashree International College, Dambar Bahadur Khadaka, Department Head (Nutrition and Dietetics) Central Campus of Technology and Man Bahadur Shrestha, Academic Coordinator of College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology(CAFODAT) about the scenario of Food Science Programs in Nepal along with its prospects and challenges.