Prof. Dr. Giri's Insights on Percentile System, Negative Marking, Fees, and NBMS: Edutalk 117

March 18, 2022


In this interview Prof. Dr. Shrikrishna Giri, Vice-Chairperson of Medical Education Commission is sharing insights about the newly introduced percentile system in the medical entrance exam, negative marking, employment status and human resource projection of health professionals, fees to study various programs, and resolution of ongoing fee controversies.

In the latter half of this interview, Prof Giri shares insights about the necessity and working procedure of the National Board of Medical Specialties (NBMS), the equivalence of various masters degree programs including MPH, attracting foreign students to study MBBS, BDS, and other health science programs in Nepal. In the end, Prof. Giri gives valuable suggestions to students who are going to appear in Common Entrance Examination for Bachelor Level Programs (MECEE-BL) 2078.


00:00 Introduction

02:20 Percentile System in Common Entrance Exam

09:24 Provision of Negative Marking

10:40 Employment Status of Health Professional Graduates

14:44 Fees

22:44 National Board of Medical Specialties (NBMS)

30:56 Teaching Faculties in Medical Schools (multiple-use and scarcity as an external resource person)

35:15 Equivalence of Various Masters Degree Programs including MPH

36:30 Attracting Foreign Students to Study Medical Programs in Nepal

42:25 Message to Students