Vacancies at ​Fluorescent Higher Secondary School


As per institution rule

Full time

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Fluorescent Higher Secondary School (FHSS), Baniyatar, Gongabu, invites applications from the qualified, trained and experienced candidates for the following posts. Interested candidates are requested to submit their hand written application and CV between 10: 00 am to 3:00 pm.

Selection process starts from 6th Mangsir onwards.

Levels Subject & Position Qualification & Requirements

L Secondary & Primary


+ 2/ Intermediate level and above (I.SC/ B.Sc.)


English & Social Studies

+2/Intermediate level and above (Major English)

Computer Science (Part Timer)

+2/Intermediate level and above in Computer Science

Contact address

Gongabu, Baniyatar, Phone: 01- 4361733