Vrindavan Academy

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  1. Description

Vrindavan Academy is located in Tansen, Palpa. It is an emerging school. It was established in 2053 B.S. to promote quality education. 

The focus of the school is both in creative and quality education. The qualified and experienced teaching staff have been struggling day and night. The school believes in practical knowledge that can prove all students be perfect. It promises to produce qualitative  and more energetic students in the future.

The school aims at a radical change of heart in students, staff, parents and the community, so that they be compassionate, competent conscientious and committed to bring about a visibly just society. Today school is running from Play Group to Secondary level. The school has facilitated library, computer labs and science lab for the students.

Vrindavan Academy provides the quality education to student through a variety of teaching methods and materials both inside and outside the classroom. Beside to lectures, the methods include debates, drama, discussions, role-playing, group and co-operative learning.

Vision and Mission:

School has true vision of inculcating a sound human formation, for the total development of the whole person, making the students, staff and parents well integrated person, spiritually, socially, intellectually, morally and culturally, helping them become aware of their own dignity and destiny, the responsibility for the right use of liberty, well equipped and ready to collaborate with others with in the building up of a just society and nation.

Vrindavan Academy's mission is to prepare students for global participation by encouraging them to become responsible, reflective and empowered learners. It anticipates that graduates from school leave with:

  • A balance of fundamental skills and a set of spiritual and moral values.
  • Patience and respect for others.
  • A strong self-esteem and high personal expectation.