Management courses at the +2 level provide basic knowledge about the facts and principles of management, accounting, and business. They create the base for students to pursue careers in the management field and assume managerial responsibilities in all kinds of organizations by empowering them with essential skills to adapt to any situation. Management learning is a continuous, lifelong process.

Structure of Management Curriculum in Secondary level (Grade 11 and 12)


Besides regular focused classes in the curriculum of NEB, KMC  offers different R&P-based additional activities and programs for the students of the Management group.

  • MS Office Package
  • Presentation Skill Development Training and Competition
  • Interpersonal Skill and Personality Development Workshop
  • Leadership Skill Development Workshop
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Field Visit and Report Writing
  • Entrepreneurial Talk Sessions
  • Business Idea Pitching
  • Event Management
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